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Property Features


Concrete tilt-up or pre-cast

Design Type

Modern front, rear, or cross-dock bulk distribution facilities


- Dock high

- Strong preference for seals and levelers

- Rail service is a benefit

Bay Depth

- 200 ft. to 250 ft. deep for front or rear load facilities

- 400 ft. to 600 ft. for cross-dock facilities

Clear Ceiling Height

30-40 ft.+

Parking Ratio

Market standard or greater

Office Finish

Less than 5% preferred

- ESFR Sprinkler System
- Large concrete truck courts or HD asphalt
- Cross-docked (preferred)
- Additional land for future auto or trailer parking
- ADA compliant
- All concrete paving or concrete dolly pads
- Skylights/sidelights
- Land for potential building expansion
- Rail Served or proximity to intermodal facilities

Preferred Size
- 100,000 – 1,000,000 sf NRA

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