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Investment Structure

Copeland Commercial can be very creative with ownership structures. We will provide a significant co-investment along side our investors and/or partners in every transaction. 

Deal Size

Preference for GAV of $10 to $40 MM for individual assets. No maximum on portfolios.


Asset Profile

Prefer value-added deals requiring lease-up, renovation, re-positioning, at discount to replacement cost. We will also consider buildings facing major lease rollover and will acquire sale-leasebacks with local credits. 


Preference for moderate debt levels and will consider assuming existing debt.

Hold Period

Anticipated hold period for most assets is 2-4 years.

Property Types

Prefer bulk, office/warehouse and shallow bay industrial product. Product age is not as critical as product functionality. "In-fill" type locations servicing large population centers are preferred, but value add opportunities in secondary or emerging markets will be considered.  

Yield Requirements

The yield requirements vary based upon tenant credit, location, rent increments, lease terms, physical attributes, and will be commensurate with market conditions. 

Lease Term

Prefer individual properties and portfolios that have upside potential in existing leases and/or future leasing opportunities; can take leasing risk.

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